Advertising and promotional policy and research on its effectiveness

Date of publication: June 15, 1972

Author: Basilio Riesco


This talk is not meant merely for scientific research people, but rather for planners In marketing and in publicity. It shows the development of an advertising and promotional policy for a newspaper and what part market research plays in it. The newspaper represents a mental product, and it is not the marketing needs alone which are the decisive factor for the policy of the product. It is therefore difficult to establish a common basis which can be met both by publishing staff and editorial staff. But in practice there is, after all, a workable compromise, in which you get together and work out a concept acceptable to both sides, and which fills the bill commercially as well as journalistically. Market research represents the basis for an advertising and promotional policy. As a matter of principle, a marketing man should consult all references relevant to the success of future promotion campaigns, directly or indirectly. They might be readers' analyses, copy tests or motivation research, but they might also consist of simple control of former advertising successes . How readership results and the results of former promotion campaigns are made use of, for the advertising and promotional policy of the newspaper, is shown in a few examples. There we can see how such data yield the basis for a certain marketing strategy.

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