Advertising and purchasing

Date of publication: June 1, 1978

Author: Timothy Joyce


I have been asked to describe to you a proposal recently published by Newsweek magazine in the U.S.A. which has been prepared by Axiom Market Research Bureau Inc.together with the British Market Research Bureau Ltd. in London. It was a study which attracted over time quite a lot of interest and attention, and I will start by summarising its results. They may be new to some of you. Others may like to be reminded of what it showed, and then I will describe briefly the United States proposal. Two points in general about it: It was based on a multi-media and product diary. Housewives in the London area, in Britain, kept a diary of their product purchasing and the media to which they were exposed day by day, and from this we had a record of their purchases over time and also a record of their advertising exposures, the opportunities to see advertisements in different media over time. The object of the exercise was to see whether there was or was not a relationship which would suggest a short-term effect of advertising.

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