Advertising for consumer durable goods


The three main papers of this seminar do not deal explicitly with problems of a conceptual approach of the way advertising for consumer durable works. Dr. Joyce in his paper even expressly disregards the implications of advertising for this class of goods. Within the framework of this seminar it would seem useful, however, to elucidate some aspects of this problem, the more so as the function of advertising with regard to the buying behaviour for consumer durables is in some aspects essentially different from its function for high-frequency of-pure base products. Our comments concern in particular the problem of the rationality of the consumer's choice in the buying process on which Mr. Joyce has made some remarks regarding soft goods or convenience goods. To study the way advertising works we should start in our opinion with an analysis of the buying behaviour. In this way we can explore the possibilities for advertising to influence on a communicational and a behaviour level. Our data concern mainly results of buying process studies for electric durables.

H. A. van Stiphout


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