Agrimanager in France

Date of publication: February 1, 1996


The decreasing number of farms in France has led the participants of the agricultural knowledge system, i.e. the industrial companies and other organizations to reevaluate their current structures and strategies. The possibility that adaptations of their communications and sales strategies might be necessary, as well as the concentration on one specific type of farmer, the so called agrimanager on the one hand and the type of services they provide within the agricultural knowledge system on the other hand, cause the people involved many problems. With this study, conducted in the Departement Cher, an effort is made to develop assistance for these upcoming decisions. The analysis of the actual knowledge system makes the overlaps and linkage of the involved organizations and companies evident. Further on the information behaviour of the so-called agrimanagers is examined. Their statements will be related to the knowledge system and recommendations for possible adaptations are deducted

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