An evaluation study of joint EC/ETC advertising to American prospects for pleasure travel to Europe

Date of publication: June 15, 1991

Company: Ogilvy

Author: Edward Berrol


This paper illustrates the use of multi-criteria to evaluate an international travel advertising campaign. The effectiveness of print advertisements that contain coupons for response were measured on several different criteria: 1) the number of responses generated; 2) the cost per response; 3) the value of the respondents (i.e., whether they fit the profile of the target audience and the extent to which they are "converted" or "activated" by exposure to the advertising); and finally, the level of 4) retention of ad derived communications material for future reference. Data to be presented - will consist of an analysis of coupon returns (number generated and cost per return in comparison with other campaign results); plus survey findings with a sample of responders to the advertising (their relevant demographic and past travel behavior characteristics compared with the known profile of Americans who have travelled to Europe); the extent to which coupon responders went or plan to go to Europe after exposure to the advertising, as well as the extent to which "planners" carried-out any validating actions to confirm their intentions; and, finally, the extent to which coupon returners kept the fulfillment piece, giving an opportunity for long-term impact. Major Conclusion - that the newspaper campaign evaluated (for travel from the U.S. to Europe) was highly effective on the basis of multi-criteria evaluation outlined above.

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