Segmentation of the pleasure travel market to Europe

Date of publication: September 1, 1974

Company: Ogilvy

Author: Edward Berrol


On the basis of this pilot study, we can definitely say that attitude segmentation exist in this market. We can indeed locate and delineate segments of travellers who share a particular orientation towards travel and who differ from other segments in their travel attitudes and behaviour and demographic characteristics. However, because this is a pilot study, we must emphasise from the outset that any specific findings related are tentative and illustrative only, rather than definitive or final. In this paper, we report how we did and give you some idea of what travel segments might look like. The basis of this pilot feasibility research consisted of hour-long personal interviews with 300 people who had been to Europe on pleasure trips in the last three years and a matched sample of 200 people who had never been to Europe (with half the latter planning to go in the next three years and half not planning to go.)

Edward Berrol


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