Analysis tendencies of our time

Date of publication: June 15, 1963

Author: Peter Smolensky


Therefore the system of buying-power-class is frequently employed today. By this method of classification the social level is no longer considered alone; chosen as additional characteristics are standard-of-living/manner combined with financial possibilities - and in all cases those of the entire family. In our times of boom and ever more strongly noticeable equalisation of living standard, the above mentioned characteristics no longer fulfil the requirements of an informative analysis which serves the practice. We seem therefore brought to the point of trying in the analysis to differentiate the various consumer groups and their attitudes according to a new point of view. The attitude toward the way of life , the readiness to try new things, and not least, the manner of conducting life with regard to nourishment and social manners (for example sociability, conformity to leading fashions of all kinds, etc.) may all be especially consequential for the research of development tendencies of opinion, but also as characteristics of group opinion for the analysis of consumption standards. We also want to define these groups as socio-psychological ones.

Peter Smolensky


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