Atlas Copco Airpower compressed air dryer survey

Date of publication: April 1, 1976

Author: J. Enthoven


Atlas Copco Airpower, one of the 3 product companies of the Atlas Copco group is responsible for the development, design, production and the marketing of compressed air installations on a worldwide basis. In 1972 a market survey was done to investigate whether it would be profitable for Atlas Copco Airpower to produce and market its own air dryers. An analysis was made of competitor's makes, their production levels and market prices. The answer was positive and as a result product design was started in cooperation with a well established dryer manufacture. The new range of air dryers was ready for market introduction end 1973. However, after this introduction the new product manager for air dryers needed some more specific market information in order to promote this new range. Together with the man in charge of marketing research the objectives of a second market survey were laid down as follows: 1 . To estimate the demand for dried air in these areas where Atlas Copco presently sell compressors in order to know the immediate potential for dryers; 2. To know the product mix for each drying principle, in order to he able to plan for the right production mix; 3. To guide the sales force towards the market sectors with the highest sales potential with regard to dried air; 4. To inform the field organization about the degree of dryness required within respective market sectors.

J. Enthoven


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