Attention for and appreciation of radio programmes

Date of publication: June 15, 1991

Author: Wilma de Haas


The main purpose of the Radio Audience Research in Holland is to establish the number of people listening to radio. The data, gathered by means of quarterhour diaries, are used to show preferences of the audience for stations and programmes. It does not provide information about the quality of radio listening, such as the attention level during radio listening or the appreciation of programmes broadcasted. Most research into the quality of listening behaviour was done on an ad hoc basis, without connection to the diary data. Therefore the Department for Audience Research of NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Organisation) and STER (the advertising body) requested AGB Media to carry out a research programme, in which the measurement of quantitative and qualitative aspects of listening behaviour would be combined. The research objective was to explain more about: - Attention levels in radio listening for different stations; - The relationship between attention level and ratings; - The relationship between attention level and the activities while radio listening; - The relationship between attention level and the appreciation of radio stations and programmes.

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