Augmented market intelligence

Date of publication: November 11, 2018

Author: Kimmo Valtonen


Whereas Market Intelligence is a well-known term, the expansion into Augmented Market Intelligence might need some explaining. The logic here is the fusion of it with Augmented Intelligence, a term coming from the Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning framework. In that context, what is augmented is originally meant to be the human intelligence, via automated analytics that are able to learn from training data. In our discussion here the scope is actually bidirectional. Certainly we are talking about some of the means that can be used to enhance and make more scalable human analytics and judgement, but it can also be viewed as a way to improve the quality of Artificial Intelligence. So in this talk we will be talking about the synergies and interaction of both human and automated analytics in the specific domain of Market Intelligence.

Kimmo Valtonen


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