Best practices: Creating a safe and comfortable online research environment

Date of publication: October 1, 2021

Catalogue: Webinars 2021

Company: Recollective

Author: Laura Pulito


Online qual continues to demonstrate great versatility and now more than ever, researchers have the freedom to consider whether in-person or online will be best for the project at hand. Online environments lend themselves to many unique advantages including flexibility and speed to market, cost efficiencies and the ability to maximize participant reach. Above and beyond these advantages, a significant element that researchers should consider is the environment in which online research can create and how it can be leveraged to enable participants to open up more and ultimately share greater insights into a wide variety of topics, including those sensitive in nature.   In this upcoming session, Laura Pulito, VP of Research Services at Recollective, will share her expertise when it comes to the idea of this type of environment and the role it plays in qualitative research to showcase how researchers can build trust with their participants and create a safe space to share.
Topics we?ll cover include:
  • Understanding the current qual landscape and the accelerated shift to online research
  • Considerations for researchers on how to be more intentional with their approaches and methodologies
  • Discover the importance of building trust with participants and how to do so
  • Actionable tips to creating a comfortable online research environment

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