Beyond CX, experience driven marketing

Date of publication: March 3, 2021


In order to succeed in the NEW normal, the insights industry need to embrace an innovative approach beyond CX: Experience Driven Marketing. ESOMAR is keen to understand how this works and why it is so relevant right now!

Experience Driven Marketing will help you uncover new, unexploited touchpoints to activate and minimize the negative ones, to fuel brand growth. ESOMAR joins forces with MESH Experience, the leading Agency in this field, and the giant AMAZON, to explore this.

This spotlight event features:

1. A pragmatic main frame to understand Experience Driven Marketing and beyond

2. The presentation of the International Business Excellence GOLD Award 2020! (a case study between MESH Experience and LATAM Airlines)

3. An outstanding presentation by AMAZON India

4. A round table to answers all the burning questions surrounding CX

By attending this session you will explore the principles of Experience Driven Marketing including:

- Take responsibility for every brand touchpoint - even those you don't control.

- Measure Share of Experience (SOE), not Share of Voice (SOV).

- Emotion matters and if content is king, context is queen. Use it!

- How to Monetize NPS in a tool that transformed investment decisions resulting in increased revenue and churn reduction

- Lessons from and innovation first UX project by Amazon India later rolled out worldwide!

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