Beyond lifestyles, trends and drinks (English)

Date of publication: April 4, 2018


The market research industry has been developing many ways to understand consumers, to obtain data, to do research. Even though there exist incredible tools to develop what was mention, we know in many instances the information we obtain can be biased and the insights may not be as real. Consumers of alcoholic drinks are challenging to understand. The consumption occasions and the ways and consumption are becoming everyday more private and close, challenging our industry and the way of doing research. So, thinking about how to enter our consumers lives, without being intrusive, we created an online community (OC) where consumers come to us. This OC wants to generate useful information not only thru a set activities but also thru collaborative information. Panelists will have the opportunity to share and recommend places, drinks, tastes and more. With our project, we are sure a big amount of genuine and high-quality information will be obtained. For Pernod Ricard, having an active and living OC will give us the means to validate business questions more efficiently, to understand life styles, opinions, tastes and even growing trends. For listeners, this idea will not only reveal the goodness of today's tools but also invites them to use new ways of approaching consumers acting outside the traditional settings.

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