Bitter sweet symphony

Date of publication: March 18, 2019

Catalogue: Webinars 2019

Author: Sven Arn


Suze is a traditional French aperitif, born in 1889. The iconic logo and the yellow brand colours are well known from posters, brasserie carafes and wall murals in French towns. But the brand itself had become quite dated. Suze was increasingly only seen as the 'drink my grandmother drunk'. Not an exciting proposition for young drinkers. But the brand owners at Pernod Ricard saw a potential to revive this brand with its long history. After the success story of Lillet (at its outset another centenarian sleeping beauty), there was a vision to reawaken the Suze phoenix. But how? And above all for whom? With this very open scope for the project, we soon realised that we would have to look at a possible future strategy from a number of different perspectives. From the brand and the future audience perspective. And from the point of view of the current market and its projected future.

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