Bollywood drama in the research world

Date of publication: June 15, 2014


Researchers are forever looking for newer ways of engaging and understanding consumers. In this paper, I will be discussing how Dramaturgy, a concept borrowed from the study of theatre and introduced to sociology, can be applied in consumer research to gain deeper insights into their life-worlds. Dramaturgy has the potential to be the overarching research philosophy that influences how we collect, analyse and interpret data. Dramaturgy, or the theatric metaphor, has a special connect with people in the Indian subcontinent who have been nurtured on a diet of Bollywood. These films, whose origin lies in India's traditional drama forms (e.g. Yatra) are widely known for their high voltage dramatic contents and emotional impact. People in India are passionate about Bollywood and view it as a consolidation of their everyday lives. This paper celebrates the Indian passion for drama and explores how it can be harnessed and leveraged in consumer research through a case study on women and their multiple identity roles.

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