Brand-to-media consonance assessments

Date of publication: June 13, 2002


This paper describes the work conducted by Kohler Co. and Brand Keys, Inc. in support of a Brand-to-Media Consonance Model as a way of optimizing traditional media planning tools. Media planning has become increasingly difficult: the lines are blurred between the demographic and lifestyle profiles of those exposed to the many media options, making it more uncertain where the highest quality target audiences are to be found. Advertisers get fewer arrows to hit receding consumer targets, and worse yet, it is harder to be certain which bull's eyes really count. It is imperative for advertisers to optimize their media selections. The paper describes how Kohler Co. and Brand Keys, Inc. conducted a two-phase study to identify the appropriate brand consonance metrics to help strategically differentiate among 'appropriate' media options identified via traditional media planning techniques.

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