Branding in Central and Eastern Europe

Date of publication: April 1, 1995

Author: Jim Williams


In this paper we describe the findings of major global study as they apply to Central and Eastern Europe. It is divided into two parts. In the first part we describe some of the technical issues involved in conducting so large a study in this region. In particular we describe the very high response rates, and discuss how these were achieved. In the second part we analyse the development of brands and branding within the region. Our principal findings are that local brands, particulalrly in the Czech Republic, are much more strongly entrenched than many people have supposed. Not only are they very well-known, but in most countries they are also very well-regarded. We therefore expect Western brands will encounter stem resistance in their attempts to conquer these markets. This is encouraging news for local brands and businesses. Our research also indicates that brands are evaluated in different ways in different countries, and suggests that global brands will have to be sensitively adapted to the specific needs of Central and Eastern Europe if they are to succeed.

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