Bringing the TV meters to the Gulf

Author: Fady Rizkallah


The paper is divided in seven sections. The first section describes in brief the background of the UAE TV Meter System's implementation, outlining the size and the criteria followed in structuring the panel, as well as the period over which the system was implemented and tested. In the second section, description of the meter's equipment and its functioning are summarized along with brief highlights on the data processing steps carried out. In the third section, a detailed description of what the people meter can deliver in terms of data produced and types of Analysis, along with sample outputs of live data reports. Also covered in the third part, are the latest Software Tools available and what they offer from benefits to the various Clients such as Media Operators, Advertising Agencies and Advertisers. The fourth section of the paper discusses the advantages of employing a People Meter System in today's complex TV environment and how the 3 main users of its data could benefit from adopting such an advanced system. In order to clarify the specific interpretation of the results and the terms used in the People Meter Analysis as compared to the Classical Research, a set of detailed definitions of the common terms is contained in section five with a descriptive example to shed light on subtle differences of these terms, and on the fundamentals of the TV Meter Analysis. Furthermore, a comparison between the Classical research and People Meter Methodologies is drawn and discussed in two examples covered under section six highlighting the validity of both results obtained through the two research tools, namely People Meter and Classical Research. The Advantages and Disadvantages are also discussed in brief, outlining the difference between accurate measurement techniques of the People Meter and the accurate prediction through simulation of Classical Research results. Finally, section seven summarizes the plans for future regional expansion of the people Meter System to cover Kuwait and Bahrain by mid 1994 and Saudi Arabia and Lebanon by end of 1994 and early 1995 respectively.

Fady Rizkallah


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