Budget-temps and panel multi-media surveys

Date of publication: June 15, 1980

Author: Daniel Mugnier


Since few years a wide programme has been engaged by C.E.S.P, to repertory the needs and schedule new investigations in order to complete its present surveys about Press, Cinema, Radio, Television and Placarding audiences. In this aim, a wide survey, which is going farther than the reading of the last period for the readership knowledge, and than the Radio and Television present results has been started to analyze with accuracy the number and the duration of the contacts with media.From these constraints, the survey has been settled in two phases. During the first phase, named "Budget-Temps Survey", the people's activities and its contacts with media during a day (the day before) have been recorded. During the second phase, named "Panel Multi-Media", the number of contacts with media (Press, Cinema, Radio and Television) and the material conditions of those contacts have been recorded, during a large period (five weeks).

Daniel Mugnier


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