Build up of the Jacobs Suchard marketing research system - Integrating external and internal data

Date of publication: June 15, 1992


EDP ( Electronic Data Processing) is not a new thing in Market Research , analysing qualitative research data reaches back to the sixties, SPSS might be still in mind with some researchers. And also for analysing quantitative data, the first systems showed up during that time . But in the late seventies, early eighties, Personal computers started their triumphal run . A small, compact machine , made the work of host systems , which had room size just a few years ago . The mid eighties, and of course now the nineties, brought up even more interesting aspects : Windows, new processor types, LAN , mouse driven menus, spreadsheets , text systems , graphics just to name a few . The effects were tremendous : data management and analysing , project work and visual effects could be produced at the desk , where just a few years ago , large host systems and a large men power were needed . In July 1991 , Jacobs Suchard Germany started realisation of a new Marketing Research Information System . The objective was to increase efficiency of Market Research work , using new EDP technologies and methods. The new system called MRSS ( Market Research Support System ), it's concept and realisation , is subject of this essay.

Dennis Keunemann


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