Building a radio panel using fusion and recall surveys

Date of publication: June 14, 2002


The use of the 'recall' methodology for radio audience measurement is widely adopted for good quality results and positive cost-benefit relationship. Nevertheless, although very effective for the evaluation of the station's performance, it presents important limitations for planning advertising for this medium as it does not allow the simulation of campaign results (reach, frequency and frequency distribution).Research using 'panel' methodology is an effective alternative, but with high implementation and maintenance costs, considering the necessary sample size to represent a very fragmented behavior. This paper delves into a creative alternative for the use of fusion algorithms to build a virtual panel from a group of individual respondents using a 'recall' survey.This proposal allows the joining of the advantages of the recall research (practicality and low cost) with the benefits of the 'panel' survey (possibility of campaign simulations), preserving the quality of the results.

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