Building strong, better brands - Looking beyond the obvious!

Date of publication: October 10, 2004

Author: Sunando Das


The paper will establish the need and illustrate the advantages of an integrated brand architecture framework combining the advantages of linking overt benefits and underlying human needs/motivations to brand choice into one holistic simple system. The paper will illustrate, with the help of a case study, the simplicity of the system both from respondent and marketer's point of view, and hence, extend the 'what' and 'how' of quantitative surveys into 'why' without any overload on the respondents. This paper will bring out the differences in conclusions / strategy if the study was limited to only conventional equity measurement frameworks. Studies based on psychoanalytic frameworks have often been criticized for lack of discrimination in brand fits and hence, actionability. The case study will illustrate the advantages of this integrated framework in providing better brand fits and discrimination and hence actionability.

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