Can research agencies meet the requirements of their clients with regard to "Europe 1992"?

Date of publication: September 1, 1989

Company: GfK

Author: Rudolf Leibiger


During the last year, the "Common Market of Europe 1992" had been the topic which has concerned politicians, managers and many other circles. For those who were meant to be very much interested in this subject, numerous talks, seminars and similar meetings were arranged. In Germany, there is neither any managing director, nor marketing or product manager who had not been promised basic information of any kind about "Europe 1992 as the key for success in future. The topics of this meetings were mainly orientated on companies strategies to ensure the companies "survival beyond the magic date of December 31 1992. Therefore mainly strategical steps in the field of product-, price- or marketing policy in general as well as the companies philosophy were put in the foreground. But, there is also a positive signal for market researchers as the basis of all considerations are market data. This situation gives a good chance to all who are involved in the market research business, regardless whether one is working as a supplier of market data in an agency or as a user on the company side. By help of this information also in company politically orientated seminars, market and business specific structures on European basis were established as far as possible to derive innovative strategies for the future. Specifically during those European meetings, one had the impression that the possibilities but also the problems of the "European data" available resp. the realization problems of European studies were under- or over evaluated.

Rudolf Leibiger


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