Client-managed proprietary online panels

Date of publication: October 28, 2007

Catalogue: Panel Research 2007

Author: Bryan Dorsey


This case study describes the internal process of client-managed proprietary online panels. Through experiences within John Deere, topics addressed in this paper include: -Initial motivations for building a panel; - selling the concept to management; - recruitment of panelists; - optimal size for a panel; - type of research conducted with panel; -study prioritization process; -resources required for panel; -supplier management; -incentives for panelists; -and evaluating the need of a panel vs. a community.

Bryan Dorsey


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Research Papers

Research Papers

Research Papers

Alexa, order Heineken

Catalogue: Congress 2018

Authors: Dirk Huisman, Joris Huisman

Company: SKIM

September 23, 2018

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