Clues to a new housing concept suited for the over 50's

Date of publication: June 15, 1991

Company: GfK


The paper is divided into three parts. The first part highlights the socio-demographic dynamics experienced by the over 50s in Italy during the last 30 years and the direction of future trends, that view remarkable changes both in quantitative and qualitative terms, profiling a segment of over 50s -the "New Elderlies"- at a distance from longstanding stereotypes. The second part investigates the cultural and behavioural patterns of the "New Elderlies" with particular emphasis on specific areas: self-image and values, working conditions, leisure time and cultural activities, health and financial behaviours that all appear to be very much in line with the more general emerging socio-cultural trends, such as the search for quality of life, affection, aesthetics and caring, that is to say the immaterial aspects of living, with respect to which this segment appears to be on the front line. The third part explores, in particular, the meanings, values and needs of the "New Elderlies" with reference to housing; it then attempts to draft the guidelines of a new housing concept, capable of responding to the lifestyle and aspirations of the segment, that, in the first place, will have not to be openly targetted on them.

Beatrice Cito Filomarino


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