Comparative perceptions and attitudes of farmers and the general public faced with environmental problems in France

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Company: BVA Group

Author: Odile Peixoto


BVA's sociological study gives an in-depth analysis of the mechanisms behind the perceptions and behavior of individuals towards the environment as an overall concept. Its purpose is to show and monitor trends on a regular basis to enable our customers: To respond in time, With the right arguments, To educate the public and channel the message. While upgrading the brand image, We have decided to focus on the population of FARMERS and compare it with the GENERAL PUBLIC. Farmers are the target audience of agricultural companies. They are targeted because the pollution caused by their operations (nitrates, pesticides). Because of the fact that they produce the staple of human diets, the awareness of the general public is not neutral. Through consumer associations the public can force the authorities to take excessive measures (interdiction to use certain molecules, draconian measures for intensive cattle breeding, etc.). The combined analysis of farmers and public opinion is in our opinion ideal to provide our customers with a monitoring tool enabling them to anticipate trends.

Odile Peixoto


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