Contribution to the discussion Thursday afternoon, September 15th

Date of publication: June 15, 1960

Author: Horst Stern


The paper "A Special Advertising Program Directed to Children" is based on pure description and for the purpose of illustrating its contents mathematical symbols are used. This form of illustration is just another method of setting down logical conclusions in a manner not normally used and is therefore to be rated positively. This paper actually contains suggestions which can be used in practice and the methods mentioned in it seem to be helpful. Especially the exhibits in the appendix have been well arranged and can provide suggestions for similar situations. The paper "A New Approach to the Evaluation of Advertising Themes" is of great theoretical importances. A model has been developed here similar to those used in econometry. Such models school the powers of thinking and clarify simple relations, and in doing so prove to be of great value. Now we should like to test this model as to its application in practice. Since, as has been proved in econometry, no more knowledge is gained from such a model than was invested in the model with the help of the assumptions, the assumptions must be tested as to their degree of nearness to reality if the model is to be valid for practice. It can then be decided whether it is only of theoretical importance or also useful for practice.

Horst Stern


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