Controller or processor in GDPR, it does matter!

Date of publication: April 5, 2018

Catalogue: Webinars 2018


Market researchers have always been at the forefront of turning data into meaningful insights. At the same time protecting the privacy of people whose data we are using is crucial, and with the GDPR more than ever. One of the cornerstones of the GDPR is finding out whether you are a processor, or a controller. Depending on you decide on (controls) how the personal data is used, you are a controller. If you follow instructions on how to process the data you’re a processor. But we all know that in real life it is never so black and white. So, while deciding whether you’re a processor or controller is a crucial step in any of your data management projects It is also a difficult step, where it is easy to get confused. At this ESOMAR Plus Knowledge Share webinar Smouter – Umans, ESOMAR Head of Government Affairs and Professional Standards, will walk you through various research scenarios and explain how to determine if you are a controller, a processor or joint controller. We also explain the different requirements that come with either of those.

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