Controlling TV household panel composition by dynamic viewing segments

Date of publication: June 15, 1998


This paper describes a panel management strategy using targets for household composition, including some related to rapidly changing Population characteristics. These targets may be used to control panel imposition through a stratification scheme or may be used to weight Panel results to avoid bias. Typically, targets include characteristics such as subscription to pay TV services or the number of television sets. The method is primarily used in TV rating panel operations involving TV establishment surveys as an integral part of a two-phase design, implying he selection and survey of a master sample determining strata targets at |d a classified sampling frame to select panel homes. This design is Rudely used but the methods for determining targets and recruitment rom survey respondents are frequently inefficient and result in biased v audience level estimates. A simple construct is proposed to overcome such problems, involving classification of survey respondents and panel homes both by characteristics at the time of the survey as well as at the hue of each rating report.

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