Conversational Knowledge, the Next Frontier

Date of publication: October 29, 2021

Catalogue: Webinars 2021


Knowledge management has evolved dramatically over the years?with advances in AI, portals are now capable of automatically linking together answers from internal documents, subscriptions, data visualizations, and other critical tools. These systems are helping insights teams effectively meet many challenges. 

As these platforms have evolved, they are being integrated with an ever broadening range of knowledge that exists in different tools, systems and formats. The most recent evolution has been adding the ability to connect people with questions to colleagues who have the answers. 

What is next on the horizon? Imagine if conversational knowledge could also be easily accessed. No more searching through emails and message apps for a past conversation. Instead, answers hiding in conversational tools are uncovered alongside those within your files and systems. 

Join us to discuss the ongoing journey of knowledge management, explore the most recent innovations, and understand how conversational knowledge sharing will provide insights teams an entirely new way of collaborating and leveraging their collective knowledge.

Learn how companies can:

? Plan an integrated approach to your knowledge management strategy

? Increase the re-use of existing knowledge and insights

? Leverage automation for innovation and business value

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