Date of publication: October 24, 2004


Having followed the implementation of a project conducted in eight European countries under the coordination of Research International UK which identified cool brands in six product categories, we decided on a similar project in order to understand the relevance of a cool concept and its relationship with brands in Latin America. The three main objectives were to investigate the influence of cool on young adult consumption in Latin America; identify the elements this universe is comprised of and which can contribute to the brand strategies oriented to this target; and define the ranking of 'cool brands' in 16 product and service categories. The quest for competitive advantage in the business world made us wonder what will differentiate brands in years to come. How do brands survive in this increasingly competitive world of mass consumption? This paper shows the use of the 'cool' concept is a new marketing trend contributing to the consumers' identification with brands in Latin America. Cool! Ultimately is a factor enabling the growth of bonding and intimacy with consumers, serving as a mean to foresee the changes and orient the creative process to new ideas of product and communication.

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