Country branding (Spanish)

Date of publication: May 14, 2018


After the recent signing of a peace agreement a new country which requires a revised and hands-on country campaign that can attract more international visitors. How to find meaningful insights within a public where Colombia is well-known for drugs and coffee and where there is a lack of international recognition of important and authentic national icons? 87% of the people in this study linked Christ the Redeemer from the Corcovado to Brazil, but important places such as Cartagena, Coffee Triangle and Tayrona were weakly associated to Colombia reaching levels of 16,7%, 26% and 7,4% respectively. In fact, the 3 previous country brand campaigns have showed numbers of association as low as 24.4% (Magical Realism) slightly topped by "The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay" and "Colombia is Passion" with 28.4% and 37.6% respectively. At this point it was crucial to understand the reasons for foreigners to choose Colombia as a place for living or visiting; this insight would give us strong clues to identify common patterns among all those visitors that claimed falling in love with Colombia, hoping to surpass aspects commonly shared with other countries like food and landscapes.

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