Creative brainstorming

Date of publication: February 27, 2005

Author: John Storey


'If you re not failing every now and again, it s a sign you re not doing anything very innovative.' Woody Allen. Woody Allen is an excellent example of an innovative thinker. He's provocative, controversial, and often misunderstood. This is because he challenges and breaks the norms in society. Innovation does not exist unless you actually take a risk and give it a go. Ideas as a result of brainstorming are the seed of this whole process and to get to new ideas you have to challenge the norms of thinking, make new connections and break out of existing mind sets. Research has an exciting role to play in all of this and we have the expert skills to facilitate better quality brainstorming present in the current market. As researchers we also have the ability to generate quality material to feed the ideas and the techniques to take the ideas to fruition.

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