Cross-media measurement

Date of publication: June 12, 2002

Author: Rex Briggs


The Dove Nutrium Bar cross-media case study represents a breakthrough. It is the beginning of the answer of where online fits into the marketing mix. In answering this question, it applied a combination of best practice research techniques. The study, led by the author in partnership with Unilever, MSN, the ARF, the IAB and supported by Dynamic Logic research technology, provides a real-world, side-by-side, dollar-for-dollar comparison of television, magazine and online effectiveness. It sheds new light onto the complementary nature of online and offline advertising and reinforces the idea of 'surround sound marketing'. This paper focuses primarily on the history and challenges of cross-media measurement and the path-breaking methodology and analysis. The paper examines the methodology that helps the industry surmount the challenges of online/offline measurement while meeting the need for clear insight into the relative value and synergy of advertising across online and offline media.

Rex Briggs


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