Dairy box pack research

Date of publication: September 1, 1976


Three new packs have been produced for Dairy Box. The objectives of this research were to evaluate each pack in terms of the T-Plan:

1. Do they maintain Dairy Box's image as the best quality milk chocolate assortment?;

2. Do they make the brand warmer and more approachable?

3. Are they sophisticated and stylish?

4. Are they suitable for a wide range of giving occasions or are they restricted to particular occasions/sorts of people? Do they maintain the image of a more thoughtful and discriminating gift than Milk Tray?

5. It is hypothesized that the main strengths of the current pack in terms of the T-Plan lay in responses from the Senses and the Reasons, but that it is weak in the responses from the Emotions. Is this so? How do the new packs perform in these particular areas? 

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