Data, dialogue, delivery and ownership

Date of publication: May 11, 2004


Bangalore, located in Karnataka State, South India, is called the 'Knowledge Capital' and the 'Silicon Valley' of the country. The urban population is cosmopolitan and successive state governments have consistently projected Karnataka's image internationally as a technology focussed centre. Today, the city is home to several information technology and business process outsourcing centres. This has fuelled 'in migration' into the city for employment, with unintended consequences, viz: an increase in population from 4 - 5.5 million in less than a decade, with a huge burden on infrastructure services, urban congestion, and inadequate health facilities. This paper highlights the pioneering methods adopted by the state government, in tandem with private enterprise/stakeholders and citizens, to generate sustained change in infrastructure service delivery. This Public Private Partnership (PPP) Experiment has been a resounding success with all the stakeholders as well as the citizens rising to the needs of the day. Research, for its part, has played a critical role through feedback and feed forward effects.

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