Date of publication: May 1, 1997


A daily, nationwide, high circulation newspaper offers specific features that make understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of consumers a complex and continuous challenge. Besides the highly dynamic character of the process - a new product is created every twenty- four hours - the newspaper interacts with its readers in various ways. The study of customer satisfaction of a newspaper requires tools that have the same dynamics as the product and allow data to be used with the same speed. Datadia was introduced to achieve these objectives. It is a daily process, with the newspaper's subscribers that brings together the characteristics referred to above: speed, rigorous technical standards, and objectivity in information. This paper intends to recount the experience of introducing and implementing the survey. It also tells of some features of the experience in the use of the data: the information collected, the reactions of readers and the possibility of incorporating these into the structural planning of the product, as well as in short-term decision taking.

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