Datadia (Portuguese)

Date of publication: June 15, 1997


A newspaper daily in reach national and big circulation features specificities what cool gives understanding and attendance of needs and expectations two consumers one big, complex and continues challenge. Beyond of character extremely dynamic of process - one new product and built the each 24 hours - the newspaper interacts with their consumers in various ways. Like this, the study gives satisfaction two consumers in one newspaper requires instruments what have the same dynamics of product and more, allow the use two data with the same agility. For the reach these goals was implanted the "Datadia" one process in search daily, with the subscribers of newspaper, what meets at characteristics above described: agility, rigor technician and objectivity at the supply of information. This one text if propose the report the experience gives implantation and operationalized gives search. Account also some aspects gives experience lived at use two data: at informations harvested, at reaves two readers and the possibility in incorporation of same at the planning in very strict deadline and structural of product.

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