David and Goliath

Date of publication: June 15, 1991


Since the arrival of the private television channels in Spain the newspaper Publishers became more and more worried about the share they would get within the advertising budgets. Television has been always the main medium in Spain for advertising a lot of products (and it still is), almost every one thinks that "if you want to sell successfully any product, that must be shown on tv". That could be true but ... sometimes it is not. As GRUPO COMECOSA (first print publishing company in Spain) was concerned about that topic too. They decided to entrust FOR*MEDIA a research project for the purpose of finding out the strengths of their newspapers against the television medium. This paper is based on one chapter of the study carried out last June. We sought quantitative and qualitative data to support our opinion that the print medium is superior to television for advertising certain products. The most important finding of the analysis is that GRUPO COMECOSA's readership are not "television-addicts" and their newspapers have more efficient C.P.P. cost for nearly all the analysed target groups than any other tv channel does in Spain.

Rosa Maria Forner


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Research Papers

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