Decisive factors for the choice of holiday destinations

Date of publication: June 15, 1998

Author: Rainer Wohlmann


The knowledge of the decision-making factors and their significance in the selection of the holiday destination gives the German and foreign vacation regions the possibility of tailoring their offers towards the desires and needs of their vacationer target groups. Target group-oriented offers generally lead to a greater success and more satisfaction, goal-oriented advertising is significantly more effective. The model, as used for the large vacation regions covered in this research project, can be used for the analysis and positioning of specific vacation areas, or locations or in other fields which are important in planning a vacation. For example, using the PERCEPTOR method: - The general travelling behavior; - The existence of specific target groups; - The acceptance and the volume for certain holiday locations can be researched and determined. Moreover, this evaluation system can test concepts or offers, and can produce a prognosis of their acceptance within the specific target groups. In all of these cases, the results will be a dependable basis for a market and goal-oriented marketing concept.

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