Do you grok the sly spin?

Date of publication: January 26, 2003


This presentation is about the radical changes that have taken place in the data landscape over the past three or four years. Of course it is related to the growth and infiltration of the Internet into almost every aspect of business, but that is not the sum of the changes. The 'Internet', in a sense, is yesterday's news. Dot com is, as they say, is 'dot gone'. Monikers such as 'e-something' or 'net anything' evoke a memory of business models that were at best hopeful and at worst deluded. e-CRM, the poster child for the new economy market researchers has, according to an article in Marketing News recently, largely failed to fulfill its promises and left the users confused and deluged with information. 'Data assault' may be the new barrier for these systems, too much, too fast.

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