Domain specific market segmentation

Date of publication: September 1, 1992


Market segmentation can be considered as one of the most fundamental concepts of modem marketing. If you're not thinking segments, you're not thinking marketing. The selection of a basis for segmentation is required. In the sixties and seventies, social class and family life-cycles were popular bases for marketing. From the end of the seventies until the end of the eighties lifestyle dominated this kind of research. But at the end of the eighties, there was a growing dissatisfaction noticeable with the existing methodology. On one side the increasing variance of consumer behavior did not find a parallel in segmentation studies. On the other side the idea grew that lifestyle characteristics were measured at a very general level and could therefore not predict consumer behavior. Domain-specific market segmentation seems to be a solution to these problems. Consumind is an example of this approach. In this paper the theoretical foundation is sketched, the project is described and applications are presented. A tool is created for more effective communication with the consumer and as a consequence for a more effective marketing operation. We think domain-specific market segmentation with comparable dimensions over domains can offer a new break-through in marketing research.

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