Emerging trends in the use of Big Data in research

Date of publication: June 15, 2015

Author: Himanshu Jha


This presentation will showcase the following four trends: Combining Big Data Analytics with Third party Research: Combining enterprise big data analytics with market research produces very powerful results. This fills up the gaps in data availability through third party research. Some of the examples are audience profiling and research, Content Analytics, Social Analytics, Analytics through networks. Tools, Techniques and Trends in Big Data: New technologies like No SQL, Hadoop, Hive etc have revolutionised the data storage and velocity of data processing as a result some of the analysis which earlier took days and weeks can now be completed in a few minutes. This has encouraged running of analytics queries like retention and segmentation almost real-time. New Approaches: New data sources like social, video, mobile are increasingly being combined with market data to come up with new slices of information earlier not possible. New format of actionable research is emerging which can use real-time data inputs. Combining Big Data and Research to directly impact performance and profitability: Examples from digital media, television and traditional industries like banking.

Himanshu Jha


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