Empowering a community to own the future

Date of publication: September 10, 2014


This presentation details a large-scale community consultation program that has informed The Queensland Plan: A 30 year vision for Queensland. This study engaged every State Member of Parliament, industry leaders, the business community and the broader Queensland population. Over a four month consultation period, the views of over 78,000 Queenslanders were captured in a program of work that utilised a mix of events, channels and platforms to enable all Queenslanders (regardless of age, location, social economic status or cultural background) to participate. Feedback was captured, distilled and summarised to inform and guide the future direction of the State. While the nature of feedback captured was diverse, nine clear themes emerged, and within each, a number of solutions and requirements were identified. These findings were endorsed by over 600 representatives of the Queensland community. Within this presentation, key community engagement principles are detailed as well as key learnings for large scale multi modal programs that utilise online and offline strategies to drive participation and extract meaning.

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