Encouraging a demand for museum services

Date of publication: June 15, 1990


Symposium On Research And Marketing For The ArtsThe Zagreb Museum and Gallery Centre was formally registered in 1980, it came into operation with its first exhibition in 1982 and has since become, by virtue of its well planned programme and a series of new departures, the largest and the most thriving museum and gallery institution in Zagreb, enhancing the life of the city and spreading its influence throughout a much wider area. During its eight years of existence, the Centre has endowed Zagreb with a new cultural image and with four valuable cultural institutions: a large museum, two major galleries and a further small gallery which incorporates a cultural information centre. How was this achieved? Thanks to an anlytical approach to environmental factors, and to those factors relating to the provision of museum and gallery facilities in Particular, an initial short-term policy programme was laid down (in ender to establish the image of the leading institution in its own field, and to secure the support of the public), together with our longterm aspirations in the context of future development. Thus, the aims we have set ourselves so far have been achieved, and the Centre has secured the indispensable financial and economic, as well as the intellectual and psychological basis for its development. Nevertheless, our aims are constantly being revised from the point of view of marketing.

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