Environmental concern communication strategy and consumer behaviour

Date of publication: May 1, 1995


Companies are increasingly devoting more attention to environmental issues and using them in their communications efforts. This trend is much more clear in the international context, but firms in developing countries are also starting to explore the issue in their communication mix. The present research aimed at studying Brazilian firms environmental marketing strategy. The adoption of environmental marketing, in fact, is often associated with radical changes in the ways companies do business. It requires a new set of procedures to implement strategies that include the evaluation of the environment impact of companies' activities. This research was conducted with 30 companies operating in Brazil (national private, state owned and multinational companies). It deals with the orientation towards a policy of environmental concern, specific actions resulting from that orientation and the reason to adopt it. The coherence of communication content and company practices was also investigated qualitative and quantitative analysis were performed. The concept of a green product varies in time and space, since the collective perception of societies as will the specific consumer groups requirements put pressure on companies. What the research shows very clear is tha companies are sensitive to consumers’ needs concerning the environment. They are trying to adapt their marketing mix and their processes to reach the level of environmental concern shown by customers. Multinational companies, specially, who have already experienced those demands at a much higher level than ones now apparent in the Brazilian market, seem more ready to accept the challenge of practicing environmental marketing communication in a country such as Brazil. Domestic companies feel environmental concerns are important enough to be seriously considered and some are leaders in theirs sectors like Vale do Rio Doce company at the mining sector

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