Environmental concerns and the implications for pesticides

Date of publication: June 15, 1992


The aqrochemicals industry faces potentially serious threats from the pressures created by public opinion regarding the uses of pesticides in Great Britain. Adverse public opinion could affect employee morale within the industry, lead to tighter legislative controls and, ultimately result in a significantly reduced market. The British Agrochemicals Association (BAA) has therefore embarked on a programme of public relations activities with the overall objective of lowering public concern; the campaign is being targeted at the opinion formers, rather than the broader public, with the aim of concentrating efforts towards those who can, in turn, influence the public's opinions. RSL has been commissioned to carry out a monitor of the opinions held by the relevant opinion formers over the period of the BAA's P.R campaign in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their P.R activities. This manner will therefore discuss the problems currently facing the industry, describe the research being undertaken and indicate further actions necessary to fulfil the BAA's objectives.

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