Estimate of the future requirements of automobile tires (French)

Author: Wander Meijer


Market research for raw materials, investments, capital goods etc. is of a highly pragmatic mature. This can best be demonstrated by a case history. In describing what the industrial market researcher actually does, the specific difficulties one encounters and the numerous research approaches that are available automatically will be described. The actual study we will describe deals with estimating the future market of yarns in automobile tires. A short technical introduction probably is useful. An automobile tire is made out of three maim components: rubber, carcass and heel. The rubber component is the only visible from outside. Actually the rubber is vulcanised to a heavy carcass made out of rayon, nylon, cotton or steel wire, while the heel: two steel wire rings for fitting the tires to the wheel, is another essential part. In our study we have not been dealing with rubber and heel, but with the inner structure, the carcass only.

Wander Meijer


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