Evaluation process models

Date of publication: June 1, 1975


The choice or decision process of a consumer passes off along several stages. The general sequence of the stages in the decision process is: 1. problem recognition, the felt need for a product or a service; 2. decision to spend money on a product category; 3. information search, search for alternatives; 4. evaluation process, comparison of alternatives; 5. choice of an alternative (product or brand). 6. post-purchase learning: experience, satisfaction. This paper is concerned especially with stage 4 in the decision process: the evaluation process of comparing the choice alternatives. The outcome of the evaluation process is the choice of an alternative, or the choice not to buy (stage 5). In repetitive choice behaviour, e.g. daily purchases, certain simplifying mechanisms will shorten the decision process and decrease the cognitive strain of the decision-maker.

Willem Frederik van Raaij


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