Evolving retail structures and practices in the marketing of FMCG in Warsaw, St. Petersburg and Moscow

Author: Nicos Rossides


The dramatic political and economic changes which are under way in the former "communist bloc” countries have begun to transform the way products are marketed. The profound changes that have been taking place at all levels of the distribution chain have been particularly evident in the way the retail trade is organized and structured as well as in its marketing practices. The purpose of this research was to investigate the current pattern and structure of the retail trade, the evolving marketing practices at the retail level as well as pertinent issues and trends such as privatization and penetration of imported brands. The paper draws on the results of a recently completed census , of retail outlets, as well as on information obtained through MEMRB’s newly launched retail audits in Warsaw, St. Petersburg and Moscow. The census and retail audit information was augmented by the results of a specially designed program r.f face-to- face interviews with managers of retail outlets.

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